Wishes for the story to end here, oddly in July

Wishes for the story to end here, oddly in July

|Tue 04 Oct 2022 @10:01| – did I say July?? ha ha ha ha ….
[The Morning Show Theme Song spins up, twangy and good. sitting back in the p.en – perhaps p.en II, eh? sunshine filters thru – big hole where a tree was…]

Hi. How are you?

Did you listen to a podcast on Life Kit on networking? Me too.

Did you listen to the man of hope, Obama himself, on the Atlantic interview podcast, where I found him optimistically being critical of the shit show that is modern life? Did it bring you a semblance of hope and joy? Me too!

awaiting boo’s arrival – glorious view. c. Sept ’22, RDU

So it seems, from before I and the Rumbles went west (right??) that I was posting but then … stopped. Huh.

Well, perhaps the p.en will assist me in making things, getting things done. Perhaps. hopefully. Weeeeee

take care of yourself, alright?

|Mon 11 Jul 2022 @22:46| – languish & deep dark purples – on the power of Ted

Hello there. Why am I talking? Not a problem!

and like that – tuesday, the 7th best day of the week, eh? we’re going to be alright notes good soul John.

finding a spot, looking awesome. c. Jul ’22, museum of LOS town

I’m in my never ending grind of data and files…

I grab and hoard – but it’s digital so that’s alright, yes?

I’ll listen to the July 12th, 2022 keXp Gabriel into good soul John’s broadcast some day in the future. Or is this my ‘way’ of feeling closure that I listened, but now I HAVE it in case I vaguely recall…

like the internet is going away, along with access to previous enjoyed ‘things’ … that’s not happening at all in the roaring 20s of the 21st century. Right?

and from the future I bid you adeau!

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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