Celebration of another, oddly in June

Celebration of another, oddly in June

to very good days. c. Sep ’02, uticatown

|Sun 05 Jun 2022 @11:10|
[first aid kit covers ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush, live]

dates of importance. the people who make that date special. thinking of those fine folk.

Miss ya ma.

in conversations with scott, a common enough feeling. c. Sep ’02, whitesborotown

the time I take to ‘find’ a ‘good’ photo, vs. the time I spend with a cuppa, on the stoop, enjoying the moment, and in that moment recollecting nice times with fine folk – alas I need to improve those numbers.

20 years on and the new century was scary enough, glad you’re not here to feel the additional exasperation of idiocracy. though I think you might like one or two kinda cute things about this timeline.

Hmmm … though I want this type of memory revisiting moment to be what I lean into I’m kinda not sure what to say, what to write. Perhaps that points to my acceptance of what ‘is’, vs. my reaction to that timeline ending, eh?

the kiddo is liking music, though some of mine gets two thumbs down and that’s not very nice. but the music he loves makes me smile, and definitely brings me to moments of your love being shared. the piano playing – suspect you wanted to do more but I recall you making lovely music, and I am who I am because music was important to you, and you shared the joy.

I enjoy perusing the past – recalling the visits, the life I was given, the place I started. Took me quite some time but now I get the bigger perspective, the overview of parenting – tending to the volatile experiment cooking up in the room upstairs, the apartment across the country, the adventure in a foreign country. Perhaps I’ll turn to the drink sooner/more than you did ma – just saying, might not be as strong as you were!

Love ya ma. Miss ya ma.

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