Reminiscence reinforces relevance, oddly in March

Reminiscence reinforces relevance, oddly in March

context says braddock rd, I-95, Virginia chaos. c. Mar ’12, virginia-town

|Wed 16 Mar 2022 @14:45| – for the 19th, a Saturday
keXp spins a day focused on music from 1992 – 30 years on it’s kinda amazing, truly.

I survey the wonderful world web every day. One site that is for fantastical things is ‘Uncrate’ – definitely a sight for ‘cars I can’t afford’ as Trio sang back in the day. Of course if I get to click thru and see clothing made with a 100 year durability guarantee, or epic water vessels both just stupidly expensive, and those made from pure vapor – it’s fun. Every once in a while they’ll share something that clicks, and this one – a place to get away, in a fashion that I suspect would be enjoyable, seems within reach. Well, the concept if not the actual real world example.

juxtaposed between myth and classical, it is a get away. c. Mar ’22, desert-town

Of course my history with Glamping goes back a number of years – hat tip to good soul Morgan for her ingenious ways.

One concern about pre-writing these posts is I’m not commenting on the most recent current events. Since I’m sharing various good/nice things I’ve stumbled upone I guess that’s just fine.

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