Leaning into change, even with pi, in March

Leaning into change, even with pi, in March

amazing spaces we used to visit. c. Dec ’21, utica-town (union station)

|Mon 14 Mar 2022 @08:48|
– kicking in a little extra, for the good souls Gabriel et al, at the station that keeps me … sane? connected at least, from last friday –

So here we are – all my ideas on how to be … productive? well, at least ‘making lots of’ – and they hopes seem to be hard to grasp and make real.

Here’s one of the ideas I had – as inspired by good soul Cory – post something good here, then share THIS post on the anti-social networks. It’s an idea and I’m sure in application it will be something.

tiny jellyfish & other delicate creatures by Steffen Dam

My hobby of experiencing ‘this’ nowadays and burning brain cycles in search of the analogue from the 80s/90s – well, it’s a pass-time, eh? The above image comes from the website This Is Colossal, a site that always brings me a smile. Steffen Dam makes wunderkammers that should inspire us all to take long, luxurious minutes appreciating the world we exist in. Thanks good soul Steffen.

And so this is the kind of thing I’m idea-hoping on – if I find a thing, make a personalized ‘hey, I found a thing’, post it and push it – where do we all end up? A better place?

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