Of people past, present, and future, oddly in June

Of people past, present, and future, oddly in June

somewhere between 86 and 90, a supremely proud and happy man. c. then, yorkvilletown

//9:40a + 27Jun2021 = Sunday morn || pretty sure that dump truck and loader are up to their shenanigans again//

I love how what I want to create/accomplish – a note on the goodness of one particular soul – my grandpa Walt – spirals into a stream of consciousness blather. Practice makes perfect, eh?

Here’s what I threw down when I realized I was off course –

 And I try - attempt - endeavor - chip away at - a note on Walt.
 I don't say things like Walt was my grandfather and he was a great grandfather.
 Took care of me and my mom and my family when we needed help. And we needed help a lot.
 Just how much of a messed up kid was I?

I’ve been poking about my visual memory collection – some fabulous old photographs of Walt. He was part of a crew of men in Boiler Plant 1, though seemingly a ‘Loser’ per the ‘L’ on his forehead – no idea the story there.

He had a puppy, and perhaps a barn – the old dairy barn/route he experienced? ‘Twin Maples Farm’ I might be remembering correctly. (two trees, at least that’s true).

Though not a towering man, there he is leaning against his house, the snow drift arcing up to the roof – ah Northerners – hardy bunch.

good soul Walt, survivor of much, including a light snow flurry circa 1966. C. Winter ’66, Marcytown

My life is what it is in no small part to the love and kindness of this man. I’m so very grateful for that.

+ + +

Hello. Remember me? Had the ‘correct word epiphany’ as I stepped out front to set up the trusty Nexus 6P (thanks Unk Craig!) for cloud watching duty; seems to me I picked last July 1st as my ‘let’s do this!’ date. Had I had a time machine and was actually able to pop back to ’11, or hell ’01 – THEN see the future as ‘everyone can have their own variety/specialty tv show – what cha gonna do Wallace?’ I suspect the past year would have been more better done.

Ha – ‘more better done’ – there’s a life’s credo if I’ve ever spoken one – where was I? Oh, yes – rambling.

Epiphanetic word of the moment – ‘not so much consistent but persistent’ – my ‘Year of YouTube Video Posting!’ – what can I say, I love to talk about a thing, for a lot of time, in order to … get to here I guess. Right?

Hello. Remember me? Yeah – what a year we’ve all had. A constant balance – precarious as it was – of hope and terror. Odd thing is, now out the other side – not a lot of relief to be embraced with, like the perfect spring evening in front of the Death Star Firepit with a cozy R2 blanket across your lap. Nope – didn’t get that.

“I’ll get it done when I get back” apparently was my rallying cry when engaging with Grandpa. Walt was an amazing man, so glad he left as much of an impression as he did on my life. Suspect he’s in the top three of ‘if I’m like them I’m doing alright’ benchmark folk.

Alrighty. Let’s see what I can do with ‘hey Scott, if you want to share/post but don’t want to be on the Book of Faces perhaps your tiny blog will suffice?’ Team Awesome Project ThunderStruck2021 Is Go!!!!!’ just may be the ticket to where I’m moderately content and not immediately annoyed. Let’s see, shall we?

ever stumble upon the perfect – PERFECT – visual metaphor for an idea? How about ‘reflection may create modified impressions’? c. Jun ’21, hobbit house

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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