Generous lovers & non-profit radio – even in April

Generous lovers & non-profit radio – even in April

a pretty lovely day above

//09:27a + 28 Apr 21 = Wednesday || Gabriel spins “Hope” by Arlo Parks– ‘you’re not alone’//

so john and morgan have a thing showing how non-profit radio is a key element in generosity – can’t argue that, truly.

I keep reading the input from the outside world and frankly it’s not doing me well. but how to demand change to the fucked up world while also hiding my head in the sand?

and good soul John spins up ‘Biko’ from Peter Gabriel – I claim it as a song of hope in my missive of gratitude. why? the sharpest of spikes through my consciousness – West Germany – an Olive Drab, diesel, VW Vanagon 8-seater idling at the ‘boy scout camp’, reading Bob Geldof’s ‘Is That It?”, a cassette playing music I knew Blood knew and liked. Peter Gabriel seems to have been and continues to be a good person. Do I take away the fact that horrendous tragedy is part and parcel to living with other souls? fuck…

/11:08a – ‘Oh Oh Yeah’ by Morcheeba sets a mood nicely

fighting the darkness is key. c. Sep ’18, hobbit house

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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