easy breezy, fresh and freezey, even in April

easy breezy, fresh and freezey, even in April

not april, but june. not 2021, but 2017

//08:37a + 6April21 = Tuesday morn || ‘SACRED SAFE’ by Quelle Chris & Chris Keys feat. Merrill Garbus, Cavalier & Homeboy Sandman on keXp, spun by g.s. Gabriel, for his show “Early”//

catching up – kinda an odd idea, right? as in there’s a state where what was and what is yet to be are in balance? huh.

/11:30a – ‘Three Little Birds’ from Bob Marley & The Wailers from g.s. John on keXp – -“Don’t worry, about a thing. because every little thing gonna be alright” – thanks for that reminder.

dwelling with photos of this trip, seeing the gorgeous sunset has made me think fondly, even of the hard times that were. c. Nov ’16, I-81town

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”


    1. pretty sure that was my return to the Triangle from our run north in Nov, ’16. the photo folder has been a treasure trove of ‘moving right along’ pictures – sadly the wilds of central Pennsylvania are not as attractive as the wilds of the North Western states :- )


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