‘I’m just such a fan of yours’ one guy to another, even in March

‘I’m just such a fan of yours’ one guy to another, even in March

a longer cut, hopefully enjoyable

//10:28a + 28Mar21 = Sunday morn || ‘a little bit of homage to Cheap Trick’ – basically a classic says a guy with a guitar in 2012 in NYC//

Is it peculiar that after an insignificant ‘act’ there’s a shift in the current deep down? Is this the subconscious, the unconscious preparation for a long winter, the impending spring? Guess if we could all just synchronize it would be a good thing. Alas …

sometimes the simplest is the best. I was going somewhere, sometime. c. Jun ’14, durhamtown

another guy, in NYC, grabs a guitar, prompted by the MC. Sing us a song, string strummer, sing us a song without thinking, from 2002, so he sings of times like these even though those times are quite a lot like the ones now – funny how that happens, eh? Sun rises, sun sets, souls get through another day. Perhaps they/we will find happy and joy.

/11:12p – well, making better time than expected! yay me! stubborn confidence made using PremPro actually not too bad; just had to remember where all the tools are laid. attempted kiting today; alas harder than expected. just wanted to give kiddo a treat. We got through and will get through again, I’m sure.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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