how to strive while lifting such weight, oddly in March

how to strive while lifting such weight, oddly in March

under the pall still there is hope

//09:40a + 23 mar 21 = Tuesday morn, where I’m already depleted of any strong visions of hope || perhaps I shouldn’t read anything on the web, just listen, eh? Like I Feel It (feat. SoloStar & I-BE) that Gabriel spun on keXp’s Early show//

Tough overnight, AM today – then the local feeds include a declarative poll based on ~675 respondents for a state with a 10.5 million. Isn’t it wrong to go there? And of course any polling is ripe with controversy and horrible ‘guesses’ – is there a standard for review – in March we said this; 10 years later we obviously were wrong and should never take such a small number of answers as anything other than indicative of possible beliefs.

or the news – gah, the news today. It seems, perhaps just this morning, that there’s no real reason to pursue a just and congenial path; that Mitch deserves to actually be hit with a running chainsaw in his ridiculous use of the word comity; who the fuck is this guy, and why has he been destroying my country for 20+ years?

and that is the heart of this rant – how can we purse and hope to attain a better world when in fact the desolation is the direct consequence of the actions of a few hundred – I’ll presume evil – souls? What is the point of trying when perhaps the lesson i should learn is just rip and swing and grab and fight?

here’s a photo of something awesome…

and friends have fun. we’ll go to another fun camping trip, I’m sure. c. Jun ’14, HRSP town

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