how does it feel. tell me who you are.

how does it feel. tell me who you are.

stormy into nice

//01:47p + 22 Feb 2021 = Monday. Monday, right? || well, keXp is playing, my head and ‘actions’ are phone-centric, but Flunk reminds me – Mondays are oft Blue//

Before Flunk caught my ear, Camp Cope did – their tune ‘The Opener’ – well, the lyrics hit not close, but dead on center. sadly.

and so monday’s are days to lean into – prob need to spend a few moments on shy Euro v. American calendar styles are different. Mindset? tradition?

And so – it seems – the realm of texting is I guess for the olds; alas there’s not a decent ‘all of your paths, in one spot!’ – perhaps Bingo or whatever the startup that will send ya a jail-broken iPhone to do the relays (bold, cobbled together like madmen!) – next life perhaps it’ll all be easier or not needed.

of course it may also mean you’re stuck. c. Feb ’21, hobbit house

let’s contrast the above obviously all natural shot, as old as time, with something more current (ha ha ha … I slay myself!)

in the future world of Teslas and Rivians be a classic Italian. c. Feb 21, the wide world web

so -how’s it going for you? sneaking up on an anniversary and not sure how we all should celebrate. I’ll suggest cake.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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