“they aren’t all huge”, said about t-rex, oddly in January

“they aren’t all huge”, said about t-rex, oddly in January

so we arrive once more at the end, only to begin again

//10:20a + 31Jan20-021 = Sunday morning || ‘I’m a baby t-rex, short and stout’ sings PinkFong characters. yup. that’s what I’m listening to. woot!//

no snow, very cold rain. how’s things with you?

not a great shot, but still moves me with what the mere image represents. from the USMC memorial, c. Jan ’01, DC-town

My sorta ‘challenge’ for the upcoming efforts includes grabbing pics that I’ve taken but probably a) haven’t shown enough, and b) I’ve forgotten about the trip, visit, running from the law that led to me taking said shot. the above was part of a road trip boo and I took to the east coast in the winter holidays of 2000-01. I’m quite happy that I had the chaotic chance of being in such a cool place. Even for someone so adrift of the importance of most of the things I’ve bumped against in my life I knew that DC was a magical place.

1:10p – finally, all the experience I gained watching other peeps build water cooled computers!!! it’s like almost applicable!! go me and the ways I waste my time!!

7:49p – the echoes of squishmellow tickling me and the boy fades into the cold night

asking for what you want. a friend gave a great example tonight and all I can think is ‘wow – now that’s how you adult!!’ – might have to work on it I think.

10:24p – the vid got cut and pushed – yay me. the feeling of not having to have ‘today’s’ footage is … nice. Perhaps the process will grow to allow my ‘creative’ endeavors – some stills stitched into 5 year old clips of clouds; I mean it’s not like I’m the go-to historical truth of ‘what did the sky look like above hobbit house TODAY!’, right? and why would I worry about that anyways? huh.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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