July 25th, again

July 25th, again

days of dynamic skies

“Mr. Vanderbilt had a summer home here. Mr. Sandburg wrote poetry here while Mrs. Sandburg raised internationally famous goats here. Mr. Wolfe found his inspiration here. What will you do here?” – well, rest, perhaps recharge a bit. have some fun I hope.

I am preparing for a different place, different folk for a little bit. I’m realizing that all I really do is face what is exactly in front of me.

//12:10am (er, sunday?) – Sarah Blasko on triple j’s ‘Like A Version’ covers David Bowie’s “Life On Mars” and I like it. makes me think of a year ago with blood & boob in seattletown//

change is happening, certain truths continue. c. Jul ’19, seattletown aqueduct demo

So I stick vids of clouds, pics of past joy, and truly rambling, semi-coherent words. Yet… and yet – it’s progress. it’s true, which is oft not shown. I can’t bring the mental power to these story-lettes that I surely didn’t even think about back in the day – crushing a string of ‘this is what the universe does while we blink’ insight and damn fine word-smithing. didn’t really ever set out to accomplish that, but there are examples with which I see some skill, talent, and well rounded finished product.
This – this is about all that is gloming onto my tumbling ball of entropic chaos. Weeeeeeeeee…. squirrel!!!!

have a Martian drink I guess. good times, c. Jul ’19, Life On Mars in seattletown

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//5:15p+25July2020= Saturday after-eve || CRIS N’s cover of Iron & Wine’s cover of The Postal Service’s tune “Such Great Heights” // oh and for good measure how about The Lumineers “Stubborn Love” for a friend? //

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