July 14th, again

July 14th, again

hardly believable, eh?

with the rise of the sun I have a bit of clarity looking back into to the near past. the unemotional take is – damn, this shit is hard. so fucking hard to get through. And so with that revelation we shall take on the day known among those strong and weak, towering or trembling, possessed with the strength of Titans or mere mortals, as … Tuesday!!!!!

I am looking at which cell phone can run the longest vid capture as I try to have a decent time-lapse setup on hand – currently the Sammy Note4 that Boo got a good number of years ago is doing stunning work – sadly though I keep putting out where the sun gets to it and things get warm and it goes to sleep, as we all would do if we were all toasty warm and just standing about. We’ll see what I can get put into place. Oh – should try to grab some atmospheric sound capture too – wonder how I’d do that …

lifetimes ago in summer of ’10 we shopped in Cary-town. c. Aug ’10, Carrie’s Cary

//9:30p+14July2020 = Tuesday eve || some amazing joy from good sir Frank Watkinson as he offers up a cover of “Father and Son” by Yusuf Islam//

So the kiddo went to see an eye doctor today. Boo was rollin’ solo with the tyke since, ya know, QuaranTime. It was apparently quite intense, and now we get to ponder the joy of a not yet 4 year old wearing glasses. It wasn’t really surprising, what with his parent’s eyesight being damn near perfect. One perfect eye. Between the both of us. If you average some numbers. He does get it from us, now doesn’t he?

GS Mark wrote today of how we are both so known and so unknown – of the worlds we carry within as we move individually through the day. I am always filled with calm and ease when I can actually sit with his words. They hit so much often than miss it’s as if he has seen me. He finishes the essay with the reminder – keep daring to break our own trail up the mountain. through knowing more of ourselves we’re able to know more of others. Thanks Mark. Thanks Blood.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//07:28a+14Jul2020= Tuesday morn || before GS John I have the Reeves spinning … tunes. and fans. humming fans. and the ache from things pilling up against my will not to do any of this shit. Here’s to living life!//

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