July Tenth, again

July Tenth, again

summer skies, clouds skimming along

How fragile we humans are when a few likes, laughs and replies on a FaceBook post brings concentrated self-worth to you, on a sunny Friday morn? Good sir Mark’s word recently have been on the simple – in-between is what kills us, both sides of one coin, having and using patience as the tool to get past preconceptions; though thinking about all that I sense that it’s a push to do the work to be in the moment of the discussion, figure out what the discussion is really about with regards to big “L” Life, and then find the path for YOU, not the others involved. Yet we are … taught? trained? to get to the inter-mix with all our parts and pieces, mind and soul. I blame Hallmark. Fuckers.

Or, as I learned to day – for fuck’s sake, can’t we all take a breath, regroup, and move all of our asses forward? (extra bonus to add ‘FFS’ to my OG ‘FM’ notation from LG Maint back in the MT daze/days). “I don’t need to sell my soul, he’s already in me” – I want to be adored, sing the Roses of Stone. Sigh.

//> so good sir John, @ 10:12a, continues to just nail the mood today – Linger, by The Cranberries. Fuck that’s an awesome track. <//

Oh what ever will you say to good sir Peter today Mr. Wallace? “at times I feel crisp and bright, at others the dark sludge below the crappy forest floor; got any pills to fix this shit?” – alas you waste your time asking questions you know the answers to, right?

a took a trip a few years back – liked what I saw. c. Jul ’15, the big apple

“Live @ Home” = not just keXp’s attempt, but for lots of folks. Thanks YouTube! Thanks pandemic!!

and once again into the realm of ‘well, this is shit. not finished, not ‘schematic-ed’ – what am I saying? why is there a picture from 5 years ago? earlier today it was poignant, but after a lovely Zoom social with framily, some dinner, and ‘winding down’ I’m a bit blase – it was a great trip. want to hear about it? but – it was a lifetime or three ago… so you see, I practice because putting things up is a good thing to be good at.

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//09:07a+10Jul20 = Friday morn || Now Playing The Morning Show with John RichardsOasis – Champagne Supernova – which is a lovely melody to start the day with//

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