July 7th, again

July 7th, again

pleasure to watch, life floating by, on a hot summer day

And so how to keep at it when it seems I’m tripping through each and every minute of each and every day for the last … who knows, 27 years? 4 months? sigh.

I have little things each day that make my heart overflow with love – the kiddo gave each of his animals a book to read, after he had put blankets on them. That’s how you start the morning. Just wow. Oh – he also has a little butt-wiggling dance he does when he’s happy – that’s fucking awesome. So yeah – how to moderate the focus I give/use? how to pay attention to the important things, little though may be, when the big things are terrifying and deserve my full attention? How are we gonna fix this world? sigh.

Good sir Mark speaks to Lao-tzu’s idea of the treasures we all hold – simplicity, patience, compassion are the greatest of these treasures Lao-tzu claims. Mark highlights that with patience you can wait, versus avoid (ah, nuance. isn’t it great?) – “Fear wants us to act too soon.” – well, there ya go – once more – good sir Mark may have tapped into a current in this universe from which many many things manifest. Oh this next/finishing thought? sure – “But patience, hard as it is, helps us outlast our preconceptions.”
Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Wow. just wow. also to Blood I offer my gratitude.

Be good to yourself. Be kind to others. Much luck in finding some joy in your life.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//8:49a+8July2020= Wednesday morn || just listened to a lovely cover, by boygenius, of the Chicks ‘Cowboy Take Me Away’ – just wow; thanks DJ Abbie @ keXp//

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