A Tuesday with actionable choices, oddly in March

A Tuesday with actionable choices, oddly in March

when elephants have fun! in durhamtown, c. Feb ’20

//1:38p+3/3/20= Super Duper Tuesday || utterly inoffensive jazz-light guitar plays over the conference call line //

I am alone, waiting. They might be here, but I have low expectations. A nice place to hunt & peck a bit of writing though!

when your phone is smarter than you are
We’re gonna need more people

Is it human nature to give the future fortunes of all on Earth at most 3 days of focus?

The headlines I’ve watched scroll by – some Republican efforts on behalf of a Democrat; ‘head v. heart’ is the boiled down essence. I so truly genuinely with all my heart want to follow my heart. Friends have noted ethics & morals that are flexible, do they count?

Thom Tillis caused my wife pain. That caused me pain. Fuck him with a running chain-saw, as others have suggested.

But… my heart will not stop him. This world is not kind to the genuine humanity we all share.

clouds in the sky
Longer days, skies just as lovely

Something that is crucial that I often forget – starting now is totally acceptable.

Still breathing, gonna start fighting I think.

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

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