even in Mar the behavior of adults is truly stunning

even in Mar the behavior of adults is truly stunning

a rarely visited corner, kinda like this blog! c. Oct ’19, HobbitHouse

So I noodled a bit and got the appropriate ‘green lock’ icon. It’s like I understand that https:// means.

Know what I didn’t know? If you customize the WordPress theme and have a background image from before you had your SSL cert well then, you’ll spend a few minutes/days poking your site with a stick. In honor of all the sticks I have used / will need, see my back corner of my lot. I should be well served. At least thru the end of the year, eh?

Seasons change – it should be the iconic ‘hey idiot – THIS is how the world works’ notification but alas some of us can keep our eyes/minds averted for quite a while. Change. Ok. Sure. I get it. Just don’t … well, don’t know what to do with it I guess. Enjoy the good parts, right?

It’s the unknown parts that worry me. Alas, here’s to a never-ending embrace to the delta!! (pardon me, have to go see what the wee lad has climbed upon now)


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“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//09:07a+3Dec2019=Tuesday morn | a quiet wintery house in durhamtown, keyboard a clickin’, a toddler a tad too quiet in the other room//

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“I don’t want to hear any of that freedom-of-the-press stuff.” said the Arizona police officer to the journalist.

“These are, needless to say, hard times for the free press. If that concerns you – and it should – the confrontation between Marshal John Patterson and reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak will provide some needed consolation. Not just because she stood up to him, but also because she’s 12 years old.”

journalism – probably could have succeeded on that road. alas, perhaps it’ll be what I grow up to do.
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