the good part of celluloid nostalgia, even in October

the good part of celluloid nostalgia, even in October

well, it’s no Austrian Hauptbahnhof that’s for sure, but I like the lines. c Oct ’19, durhamtown

a long time ago, in a town … well, 12 hours away, I either paid good money to sit in a cinema and watch a ‘teen flick’, or perhaps abused a friend’s employee status at the vhs rental store in the mall, to catch a flick starring a certain Blacklist Master and a Man of Iron…

oh how lives careen merrily through the universe. It’s tuff at times.

it left a certain indelible impression. It’s currently an option to fish out of the Amazon river …, er platform. Currently I’m watching it stream and think – whoa – also – wow. but mostly … whoa.

I’ve always loved a good story presented in moving pictures. All sorts of … well, dramatic stories – ‘streamed’ via the set-top converter box on the only choice at the time HBO. A six million dollar man who used to be a race car driver but had one last race across the country, a lot of angry Vietnam vets, an interesting intramural borough extreme marathon, stress & joy of college entrance exams & how Porsches do not float well. All sorts of interesting things for a kid with no curfew to speak of to watch. Well, I mean, honestly I was just really enthralled to disappear into interesting stories.

I guess what I’m impressed with is witnessing the beginning of a path, progress that took a few of these fellow lives of the 80s to interesting places.

I’m watching a bicyclist – wrenching on out of whack wheels – huh, didn’t MickeyMatt work on bikes.

“That bike cost $500 dollars” …

huh – three string electric bass. from the house band. Guy’s named Jim I’m pretty sure.

this movie was part of the ‘get to Cali and have a better life’ – funny how some youthful dreams are missed even when opportunity is presented.

“cole brothers circus” poster – cool.

Also – 80s fashion was impressive…

huh – perhaps a drummer who uses only one drumstick?

All sorts of influence and impact from 90 minute fiction. Huh.

wonder what the arc is now. Does a YouTube video make a similar deflection to a wandering soul’s journey?

Does a ‘non-player character’ – say a lovely ’68 Camaro – still leave a universal response programmed into your soul?

looks good in the Turf. It’s not better off dead though.

I will note that Robert has been amazing since, I guess, the dawn of time. Thanks for sharing your gifts good sir.

… and I just found out that Sandy’s is where Van Hamburger Helper was filmed – connecting Tuff to … better off? One Crazy Summer it must have been to see all these films. Nope, Better off Dead…

“off course size matters, this is the 80s”

“you’re a good man. take it easy on yourself. give yourself a break” – turns out Red’s pop had some great advice to offer a kid dealing with growing up in the 80s.

I draft/scribble/clatter at the keys as my kid grabs a few dozen zzzzz’s between bouts of howling, my cough pretty much done (thus I’m up watching a gem of an 80s movie that no one has seen), Boo overwhelmed by everything, myself finding it all too much, and anyone one thing too much.

October – ‘fighting the darkness that breaks our hearts’ sings a very young Reddington. It’s all quite something I tell ya.

How the hell are you?


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//11:31p+17Oct2019=Thursday eve ||the audio portion of a history class movie (film?) about ‘gunfighters’ who showed up to “protect the settlers from outlaws – they brought a code of honor written in their blood, and the blood of the men they killed. Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp…”//

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