potential unrealized, DIY urban planning & other sunny thoughts, oddly in October

potential unrealized, DIY urban planning & other sunny thoughts, oddly in October

a cloudy day broken up by clear love, beauty, & kindness. c oct 2019, durhamtown

My sister sent a wonderful kindness yesterday, and I’m wrapping my mind around the touchstone it represents.

Of the past I’ve left/drag along; of people who made me who I am yet without my permission nor – sadly – my best description of gratitude. at this point in my life the interconnections that are, and the space that is yet to come between me and mine.

Always nice to have an object to focus my thoughts, my soul, my spirit. just a day in so who knows where this will take me. Then again who can tell me where I am? sigh.

always with a friend when the sun shines, c oct 2019, durhamtown

Here I am again. Here you are too. Hi. We making it through alright? alright enough?

Podcasts stream into my skull to keep my mind wandering … not sure if that’s what is needed, but I do enjoy the stories being shared. something about a polished, produced ‘thing’ – perhaps it’s the example in concrete that helps me think about pursuing that. Like, what if I managed to have a complete arc of a story idea AND put it out into the world we are currently existing in? What would that look like?

Of course I also think the 1000 pots maxim is probably the better path. So, when I can, I just make this stuff here.

a road followed, changing before my eyes. c oct 2019, durhamtown

Huh – just noticed there’s a word count on the screen – huh. What word count should I shoot for? Oh the words I can write!

Ok – gonna keep this short – trying to figure out a ‘my week in podcasts: epi a, b, c of 123 show – good, good, amazing!

feel free to let me know about the stories you’re paying attention to.

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“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//2:21p+9October2019=Wed afternoon || Roman Mars makes my brain happy, and while chatting with Gordon C.C. Douglas makes me ponder the world I wander about//

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