34 seconds in a commute

34 seconds in a commute

Sometimes you want to do something but can’t.
Or you can’t get to doing it.
Or you’re in the midst of something that totally overwhelms you.

So how about a time-lapse? Some pretty clouds in it at least.


I’m working on / struggling with what I’m doing here. What is the story – the Grande Story!! – that I’m working on getting out?

I don’t honestly believe it’s about me, not in the “Here’s the story of sir Edmond Kodak, the first human to take a selfie on Mt. Rushmore!” – I mean, how nice that would be but sadly, no.

So I will continue figuring it out – I have an idea. I have the thought that perhaps the path I’ve followed will illuminate challenges and actions that others might note for their personal adventures. That’s not too conceited, it is?

ciao! may you find joy in your day. ::ps::

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