Incredible amounts of change, even in April

Incredible amounts of change, even in April

take my hand, we’ll figure it out. c. Apr ’17, chapel hill town

And just like that Rumbly is a ‘big kid’ – or at least ‘kid’ – there’s a joy to his voice/statements that make my heart warm. I know soon enough the amazement of this point in time will wane, different tones and routines will take over. But today, him and his grandparents, Boo too – playing games at the dining room table – it’s a good feeling day. Even if it might snow.

All images © Flore Gardner – embroidery for the texture. c. Apr ’22

Colossal showed me this interpretation of family photos – I like what it says, that perhaps a texture based edit after the fact will add to the ‘art’ of the family. Since a lot of my historic family pics are from the ‘special occasion’ category – events with gifts – and not exactly ‘day to day’ coverage I think this could work to make the special event pics even MORE special. What do you think?

There was a comment the other day – I think at a new auto stories site (or the old one – can’t rightly recall) in which an opinion on TED was not … pleasing. ‘intellectually duping’ or some such – by someone who claims to be a lawyer. I wanted to rock my ‘how dare you’ tone, but then paused (yay pausing!) and tried to see their side – a negative take on TED talks. Since they are a touchstone of my arrival in the Tar Heel state I’m quite fond of them; they have always made me feel like I’ve learned something cool. Guess either I talked myself out of a discourse with someone who’s point of view seems nonsensical to me – to which ‘yay, go me’ – or I didn’t have any more sturdy places to speak from other than ‘no -YOU suck, TED talks are awesome!!’

It did make me think that I don’t visit often anymore – YouTube lots, just not that corner. Not enough brain cycles available? hmmm…

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