mid-way, even in March

mid-way, even in March

what do we see when we look? c. Jul ’17, no-idea-town

|Mon 14 Mar 2022 @12:55|
listening to good soul John speak of how from a bad place he had the hope that his efforts would make things better for others. somewhat universal agreement that he’s accomplished that fairly well.

another day, another quick post on something wonderful I found. with practice will come competency I hope.

how nice a stroll thru wonderment. c. Jan ’22, korea-town

If we could all take a moment to be awe struck, would that help? in South Korea, This Is Colossal shares, is a walkway – Space Walk – that I think might be capable of that feeling. I suspect I will never know the reason the better way is so often not the chosen path.

I’m listening to good soul John be awe struck by the goodness of strangers; I get the benefit of hope and joy from these strangers. I’m grateful that there is good – I’ll make sure the kiddo knows this.

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