Of Celluloid dreams, oddly in march

Of Celluloid dreams, oddly in march

oh the paths I took to the movies, including this one. c. Feb ’22, whitesboro-town

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what if I write and then schedule for the future?? could it work? all I need is a) an idea, b) two or three photos, c) the gumption to repeat a good idea.

movies were the magic of my youth. c. ’17, texas-town

Once upon a time I noodled the title ‘Looking for a Hollywood Ending in Yorkville, NY’ – too many hours watching such ‘glamour’ as Tuff Turf, Reckless, all the Hughes presentations up to ’86, and let’s not forget – The Wall. Oh yeah. one word – hobbies; probably could have helped, eh?

Do I tip my torn ticket to my pops, who immersed me and my sisters in the realms of Dumpling Gangs, Love Bugs, and into the world of Black Holes and Treks of Stars, the movie. (oh – wonderful fleeting memory of the cinema on Griffis – think that was the venue for Star Trek: the movie. nice…) – yes, a heartfelt thankful tip.

What would the memories be had the years been different and the tools at hand be not notebooks scribbled in but phone cameras and non-linear editing suites? Sadly the Commordor P.E.T. in Ms. Ashcrofts’ class just wouldn’t have cut it. Time moves on.

Movie houses close. The past fades with the credits … into the bright house lights. Time to go out and onward.

Click thru to see/read the This Is Colossal article on the book – Movie Theaters – from the two artists – Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre – who put together a book of wonder.

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