Noodling on magical seasons, oddly in January

Noodling on magical seasons, oddly in January

and thus the end of it all is merely corruption of memories. c. Jan ’22, hobbit house

|Fri 07 Jan 2022 @06:47|
facing the starkness and not wanting to accept it – thankfully there’s music, right?

Funny how the breadcrumbs, the twisting thread leads us to … knowledge. Not exactly wisdom, but movement?

but not sure how to effectively use them. c. Jan ’22, hobbit house

Is my hesitation to do the research and analyze answers to our utterly messed up ‘normal’ due to my acceptance? my apathy? my survival instinct? option paralysis? I mean, truly a) the root of the problem is obviou$, and b) the available options are limited, and the allowed options are mere illusion. So what now?

How the fuck are you? 2022 treating ya well? whooo-hooo made it thru week 1 – 51 weeks to go! Cue that Goaty Goats tune, the one about fuck this year…

sigh – well I do hope you and yours are well. the highs are sooooo incredibly high.

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