Oddly we shall once more begin again, in January

Oddly we shall once more begin again, in January

get with it, please! cows with masks, c. Dec ’21, yorkvilletown

|| 1 : 01 Jan 2022 @13:47 ||
the shiny freshness of all the starts we’ve ever had!

Hi. How are you?

I just got back from a wonderful road trip to visit friends and family ‘up north’ and have to say – oh my god I’m not in my late 20s anymore. Gah!!!!!

Aside from that though – very very very much a very good thing.

Just like this – something beautiful!

The above link is to a art/design website – this is collosal – where I’ve found and shared lots of pretty cool stuff.

but as the new year arrives and I find myself distracted from even the distractions I’ve found to distract myself from the serious business of life and living, perhaps I should give a change a chance, eh? So perhaps … no Facebook, even the ‘keeping things positive’ posts; I mean, what actual impact am I having when my good amigo is a tad despondent?

|Sun 02 Jan 2022 @11:49|

did I want to write a daily post and have it take two days to finish/publish? no, no I did not.

am I trying to – as blood puts it – knock the rust off? yes, yes I am.

So – here we go, across the seasons of insanity towards the sea of tranquility – may all our paths be well lit and free of building blocks and – new for my pain library – marbles.

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