Even in December, time flies

Even in December, time flies

|Thu 02 Dec 2021 @07:35|
rcnz 96.0 wakatipu – just, really eclectic

So do I note other parts of the digital world and ‘place’ them here? Say…

Sculpture In the Park – at UNC Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC

It’s a lovely time – I’ve enjoyed it for – wow – a decade or so I guess. how cool.

UNC Bota. Gar. has a sculpture exhibit in the fall. this was pretty cool looking. c. Sep ’21, chapel hill town

Would this be a complete ‘post’ from the land of Paco? hmmm… I could share my recent YouTube Epiphanies – good soul John Green and his equally good soul brother (?) Hank speak of being able to write a book, but not knowing how to write a book. Good soul Van speaks of having the benefit of capturing your voice (and auto-save!) by using a typewriter. But are those points of … knowledge? definitely not experiential in the best way – worth something/anything to you? What are they worth to me? Are they tokens of currency in a digital landscape – ‘hey did you see the post on ‘thanks Marie Callender’s’ for the burnt pumpkin pie? so funny…’ – one experience I’ve had is the ever happening slow like molasses change in how we communicate – talk, share ideas/time, speak, chill – and how that’s a big challenge to those who think that a change happens, then it’s finished. Tada! Sangertown Square – all done, enjoy!

That is not the truth, why I persist in not seeing the bigger truth is probably down to personal apathy/stubbornness.

Well, I’ll push this – the worst I’ll come back and add something, eh?

How are you? I hope alright – pretty sure there’s a song about getting through, even this year.

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