why do we think we are alone, oddly in May {& June}

why do we think we are alone, oddly in May {& June}

other places, other times

//10:44a + 7 May 21 = Friday || Arlo Parks – Hope plays after St. Vincent – The Melting Of The Sun//

we all have scars sings Arlo, after St. Vincent sang “Proud Nina got subpoenaed singing “Mississippi good goddamn” – how the hell goes your Friday? Mine? Transition day from hiding to fearfully creeping along the shadows – unknowing if the sun will cause me a vampiric bursting, a cheerful teary eye, or the realization that all of this is the same as it’s always ever been. ’cause we mortals, we crave meaning, don’t we?

/12:05p – ‘swim until you can’t see land’ … may you be in peace g.s. Scott. your gift of music is loved/

(hold steady. do the work.)

/12:28ap – ‘something to look forward to’ says g.s. John. Ah, yes – head up, eyes up – hell, go crazy – chin up good chap – the future’s so bright, isn’t it?

funny how as I rip past the beautiful world, I end up seeing places I’d be happy to stay at for the rest of my life. c. Oct ’14, Old Forgetown

//|Mon 07 Jun 2021 @20:08| – ‘from hiding to fearfully creeping along the shadows…’ – well, in the ‘Good News’ category our gather last night continued my improved feeling about getting back to just my normal social anxieties – yay normalcy!!!!!

/‘Jolene’ covered by Larkin Poe, just on track in 27 track playlist … because I like how the jam! what have you been listening to?/

chaos still reigns and I’m frankly pissed and sad at the same time – why oh why are we having these arguments? We lost a really good chance in ’01, so why the fuck not re-do it and double down on the shitty-ness of what we choose to make of the opportunity? Perhaps – as I reflect on my failures to launch in the past – human nature? sigh

/8:54p – Dave G. is seemingly a wonderful soul. He shares a good story…

/11p – the clouds from yesterday were fairly impressive – and as I edit I listen to music. Say ‘Hurt’ as performed by the man in black. Whoa. Then it’s followed by ‘Simple Man’ as performed by Shinedown. Whoa. How’s that for a Two for Tuesday Double Shot of ‘a good song can be many great performances’.

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