you should be addicted, even in May {& June}

you should be addicted, even in May {& June}

well now – ain’t this just grand!
perhaps marred? well, since then it’s all changed. and we keep showing up! c. Jun ’06, Vegastown

//08:40am + 6 May ’21 = Thursday morning || “Addicted” by Jorja Smith on keXp with Gabriel Teodros. lovely voice, wonderful sentiments//

Getting close and not sure what it all means. Haven’t even pondered on what I want it all to mean. But it is nice and reassuring to be approaching a transition zone – perhaps with a modicum of relaxing I will be a bit more hopeful. Of course what I need to do is stop the inbound flow of distraction and irritation, steady myself, lean into the efforts I have at building/creating, yes? I do so love clouds. I do so love the kiddo more.

/05:32p – after karen’s operan video (???), some Cornell. just – wow. ‘Seasons studio/jam’ – always – ALWAYS – find a show of talent to be soul ringing.

^^^^ those words are from May, when we were making our way through quite frankly the strangest trauma of our lives; oh, we’ve had pain and sadness and troubles. A year being afraid that the rest of the humans on this planet might just be too stupid to sit still and take care of each other? while having an amazing kiddo grow, emerge into the 4yo unstoppable dance machine that he’s become? just utterly not even possible when we stood outside a Vegas Chapel and took in the evening breeze and felt deep in our souls that boy howdy was what we just did something, something really really extra something!!! (pretty sure Boo will stand by my analysis… or not.)

and a hard hat! ’cause that’s how we’s roll, yo! what an incredible journey. c. May ’21, hobbit house

/|Sun 06 Jun 2021 @00:40| – and so we wandered along a path, trying to enjoy our time, our friends, our families, the places we’ve been. Gotta say it’s been pretty cool. so I say ‘huzzah!’ and let’s sing a happy song … perhaps a cover; ah – yes – Acasia Sears has a lovely rendition of ‘No Children’

//|Sat 05 Jun 2021 @22:13|- ok – here we go. again, yes? also the 6th of the 6th, eh? cool.

I have The Morning Show from May 27th up and running; good soul John spins ‘Brighter Than Sunshine’ by Aqualung, which makes me happy. “what a feeling in my soul / bright as the sunshine”

I like that the place I am allows gems to find me, that tunes lovingly sung give me these words, on this day/hour. Pretty cool.

I never understood before. ... Tied up in ancient history, I didn't believe in destiny. I look up, you're standing next to me - What a feeling. 
What a feeling in my soul - Love burns brighter than sunshine, Brighter than sunshine. 
Let the rain fall, I don't care. I'm yours, and suddenly you're mine. Suddenly, you're mine; 
And it's brighter than sunshine. I never saw it happening. ... What a feeling.

I ran the kid over to the park with the big blue slide and he was stupid happy. ‘with children’s eyes’ is a suggested path to a less stressful mindset. his paralysis between swings, big slide, kids running around … poor little guy’s wires were getting all red-hot and whatnot. He had asked about a swing slide on the way to the park. Gotta admit – knowing what you want and asking for it is something I need to reinforce for the kiddo.

these re-emerging days are something, aren’t they? the whole screaming as the brood awakens. I think I noticed that with practice it’s getting easier to … breathe when I’ at the park with the kiddo. I think that’s a wonderful thing for me to have noticed.

And so we have arrived, once again, at the beginning. hope she knows I’ve been amazed pretty much every step of the way.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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