On building in sand, now with bubbles, even in May

On building in sand, now with bubbles, even in May

it seems like a lovely day in durhamtown

//02 May 2021 – not on this day, but hey – got the picture catalog back! even was ‘smarty’ about it – so, go me!//

//Wed 02 Jun 2021 @19:00 and so we attempt, once more, to go forward by visiting the past, eh? I have g.s. Gabriel up, from Tuesday May 25th – he spun H.E.R.’s ‘I Can’t Breathe’ – it folds into the convo Blood and I had, into the status chaos of the times we are living thru (vs. living in, and quo – eh?)//

lots will change, but then we didn’t know. c. Oct ’14, durhamtown

how about some thoughts from … today. er, Wednesday, kinda Tuesday’sh though.

so a day in and the active choices path is … there. nothing too insane – just conscious choice, choosing.

I think one of the – well not issues, but explanation/rationalizations I use to reflect on my choices is that I’m drifting along. besides I mean – obvs! the video I’m clipping up with this post has some rattlesnake-esqu sounds to the audio. that gets me to the crazy month I lived – and boy was it living! – in phoenix. out to some cliff-ette to do some shooting and rappelling with the most out racist folk I’ve known. I did know I was out of my depths, but had a fun afternoon. easily it could have been a really bad one – I didn’t choose that adventure – I went along. A lot of my adventures I’ve gone along, not chosen. Here’s to figuring out how to choose my OWN adventure, eh?

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