Building sand castles, knocking them down, oddly in May

Building sand castles, knocking them down, oddly in May

a lovely day a month ago

// 1 may 2021 – not on this day, but when you’re distracted you do what you can//

//01 Jun 2021 – on a Monday of a Tuesday I revisit what I wanted to attempt to do…//

another new month – another ‘idea’ of restraint, focus, dedication, hope – pretty cool how we keep returning to the places we’ve visited before, eh?

I’m a tad distracted by the way the font is presented to me in this web tab – it’s kinda bold for no selected reason – odd. Perhaps a fine explanation of how my life’s been these past few months/years – kinda bold, but for no selected reason!

another day pauses as it steps of stage left – we can only give thanks

I’m still listening to dear good soul John – right now (6:51p Tues 1 June ’12) he’s started a Thursday with some lovely tunes – Wau Wau Collectif – Salamaleikoum is so very lovely. Thanks John!

I’m wanting to – once more – be deliberate in my living. so music I love – typing words to space out my photos – all pretty good so far. I suspect life will – as always – dust up things. But for now – I share, I care.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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