Foolishly Great?Or Greatly Foolish?To Cher us on, even in April

Foolishly Great?Or Greatly Foolish?To Cher us on, even in April

mostly blue a bit of wispy white

//08:33a + 30 Apr ’21 = Friday = holy shit, end of April? wow… || Gabriel spins lovely, delicious cuts over the birds singing outside the front door, road noise slips past//

Gabriel spun Digable Planets’ “La Femme Fatal” earlier -glad I can listen to music as much as I do.

A house suspended – a potential answer to all my design desires – monolithic towards the traffic side, perhaps with a lovely front porch/fire pit area. Behind the splendid oasis we would enjoy – oh – the suspended patio could be the 3 season room! nice.

an interesting execution of a space to be, yes? c. ??? Mendocino town

I watch this YouTuber – Ryan George – he puts together funny skits, the most I’ve watched are ‘Pitch Meetings’ – Hollywood Producer hears a pitch for a movie. I highly recommend y’all spend a few minutes enjoying them. The takeaway I’ve enjoyed recently is how bizarre everything is. He’s got a few ‘1990’s Time Traveling Reporter Reports – [insert funny thing]’ – if you can recall there was a time when YouTube wasn’t available to put up time-lapse movies of the clouds above Durham. Nor was there an accessible camera to create said time-lapse movies. Nor an affordable non-linear editing suite of software to make the movie, let along a personal computer that could handle the rendering. If I recall correctly, good soul Terry came back to the aquent (aquanet) office from a visit to Disney’s Pixar studios/lab. He was shown their rendering server’s storage setup – 2 (!!!!) Terabytes, circa ’03 we’ll say. How impossible these technological accomplishments were. Now where did I put down my D.E.N. schedule – who doesn’t love a good Flash game on Netscape 7 (you recall -based on final Mozilla Suite releases. Added tabbed browsing, pop-up blocker, full-screen mode, download manager, P3P support.) (Can’t recall / parse the Wiki entry – you may have had to wait for the stand alone browser (Netscape Browser – fancy naming they did there) to have it incorporate support for AOL Instant Messenger, and other AOL-related features.)

/1:39p, Tue 4 may 21 – picking up the slack. damn that house is kinda cool.

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