do you want to hear the whole story? even in April

do you want to hear the whole story? even in April

clouds are spacious raindrops!

//2:09p + 22April21 = Thursday afternoon || the dulcet tones of baby singing. singing. that’s right!//

ah time. if it were in a bottle I’d buy more! Here’s a picture –

believing is active dreaming, yes? c. Dec ’16, westward in Carolina town

a comment I read on the Book of Faces tonight noted – others might get upset with you if you do not also feel shame about the things the others have felt shame/guilt over. resentment of the fact that you can just not care what others have said/judged. the dynamic range of this goes from high crimes against the religions of man to each of our ‘guilty pleasures’, yes? say, 80s rock (?) like Journey.

I’m not going to stop believin’ that these slight notes, combined with a bit of photo frippery, along with videos that have a grace to them, isn’t a worthwhile use of my time right now.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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