pick me up, he asks with glee, even in April

pick me up, he asks with glee, even in April

once more, with vigor!

//07:52a + 20 Apr 21 = Tuesday, with a vengeance!!!! || dulcet tones of a delivery truck backing up… to the Fence!!!//

“Let’s blaze!” says the kiddo. does he know what day it is? hmmm…

Stumbled upon a way to accomplish what I want to accomplish (keep making interesting/entertaining videos) a smidge more easily – but ti took me pondering it for a bit. I am not surprised that I have a hard time moving onward from a path that has worked, is working. the focus on the perpetuation of the ‘good working’ path, wherein I try to do it really really well – I wonder what else I may be able to accomplish if I attend to the ‘moving onward’ activity with such focus?

when – as it will come to pass – we make it through, should we celebrate our collective luck? c. Dec ’16, durhamtown

there certainly is a feeling of potential, of not really hope, but lessening of worry – a precedent has been created; successful refutation of arguments that are wholly meritless. Ugly lies declared in broad daylight, under oath, recorded for the record. Your. Actions. Were. Not. Reasonable.

I can only hope and wish that the ship called civilization – though slow to turn – makes it through these turbulent times, and that a talented captain takes the wheel.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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