A note – ‘wrong state for order’ -truth? oddly in April

A note – ‘wrong state for order’ -truth? oddly in April

into or thru – seasons happen

//4:18p + 7Apr21 = NOT THE 5TH, WHICH WAS MONDAY, WHICH THIS SHOULD BE FROM || the kiddo asks for a different truck, but is unhappy when we try to help him find things!//

so we misstep in our attempts to succeed. how I deal with the angst that produces is a fine question, for another day. Here’s a spot to hold the video I am giving to the 5th of April, because I am a maker of videos! and posts! yay me!

are they moving? are you? are we? c. Nov ’16, along the road we are on

short. sweet. out of order, perhaps even the wrong state.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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