On forward momentum, smooth faces, even in March

On forward momentum, smooth faces, even in March

different places

//04:36p + 30Mar21 Tuesday || nice enough day, kiddo can sing Paw Patrol theme song (stinky and dirty too!), thoughts on the base issues America has gotten wrong and how to fix them//

“I love these special noodles” the kiddo said, handing me a box of ‘boil in the bag’ instant rice. He really is super cute!

a place where they can look over and see where we are. back and forth, back and forth. c. Jun ’14, Dan River town

Kati noted in response to my asking “since last June…” on if she’s back in the office. This year has been special, so very special.

I’m in the midst of soaking in the luxurious storytelling that is HBO’s Westworld – perhaps where certain cutting inquiries into my life, my world have come from. But I just want to say – wow. Did I mention I soaked in The Watchmen remake a few weeks ago? Also – whoa!

Another compounding dollop of ‘reality’ in my stew of discontent would be this afternoon’s reading/watching of a TED talk regarding the costs of medical care; that no one really knows what the costs for health care are: $17 or $479 for a lab test; same test, different providers. What’s the cost of an MRI? Mammogram? Oh, was there a Facebook note on the costs of ambulance service? Not sure why things changed (if indeed they did) but our ruthless pursuit of the sacred dollar has not really made the world a better place. Oh – Palmdale teacher rants on a non-hung-up Zoom call. Good news – we know just how racist she is.

kiddo wanted to do a puppet show tonight. kinda awesome. sock puppet with toddler socks is even more awesome.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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