‘tying pigeons to giant peaches’, even in March

‘tying pigeons to giant peaches’, even in March

a town being built a while ago

//09:51a + 16 Mar 21 = Tuesday, time to renew Office I guess || I’ll prob forget to put in the tunes Gabriel is spinning on keXp – it’s a distracted morning at best//

Ah fickle spring, we want so much, hope for so much, take any and all signs the change has come – and BAMMO!! – once again, you get all tricksy on us. Bravo, bravo. Next year though…

recollecting when I left my house, drove about town, saw others moving freely about… soon, I hope. c. May ’14, durhamtown

Getting through has been an interesting effort. I guess kinda like treading water, maybe. maintain a safe existence but being wary/weary of dangers all about. Seems like a possible analogy. Have I ever shared that the whole dropped off in the middle of the ocean is like my one true fear? sigh….

/8:23a the next morn – well, in my defense – HBO’s The WATCHMEN. Just … wow. wow. So how about another line or two from my recollections of yesterday (the kiddo zig zagging thru rain drops going to the car, where he notes ‘another got me’ re: drops of rain. ’cause that was just truly iconic of the kiddo’s personality. I guess more wow)

city hall and puppies – what could be more American? oh – bad parking too. c. May ’14, durhamtown

ok – let’s get some ‘B’ roll of the cloudy clouds, shall we?

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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  1. Love the vid : first, the sense that its pre-pandemic b/c of location; second – the strong visual anchors of rooftop in lower left corner & tree limbs/crane on right side of frame + perpetual motion in the sky portion of frame…


    Carol W.

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