‘It’ll hurt you in the end’ it’s noticed, oddly in March

‘It’ll hurt you in the end’ it’s noticed, oddly in March

Here’s to our passions

//12:51p + 7 Mar 2021 = Sunday afternoon || tad chilly, kiddo is having fun, hope for a deal are maintained, and all I want is another few hours each day/days each month/month each year, and perhaps a time machine to go back and enjoy it all, perhaps with some changes//

‘is it time for a high-five?’ ‘no – I wanna play TV…’ – the communication tempo of parents in 2021.

“Very few things of consequence are binary” – hmmm … I’ll concede that, as noted by -other- fictional characters, accepting that the world is grey is a character trait, not a defect. Funny how I wanted to jump immediately to ‘well, nazi’s – they’re definitely binary – alive=bad, dead=good; but that’s missing the point isn’t it? How about ‘only bad people do evil things!’ – and there’s the window to the grey. So, hat’s off, good soul The Oatmeal, hats off!

he didn’t always know how to walk. but it’s his riding that has made me quite happy. c. Mar ’21, hobbit house

in pursuit of something to submit – also enjoying a nice pre-spring day. lots of hope this year will be better/different. how about y’all?

“I like rice – it’s nice and warm” – Word Party wisdom!

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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