Is this eye twitch normal, after reading the headlines?

Is this eye twitch normal, after reading the headlines?

gotta start sometime

//08:55a + 4 Mar 2021 = Thursday morn || ‘Oh Oh Yeah’ by Morcheeba on Early show on keXp, g.s. Gabriel laying a soft bright start to my day. Thanks!//

“oh I LOVE flat cheese!” my son informs me, as I fetch him two thinly sliced Swiss cheese slices. good for him! not that stick cheese isn’t a fine snack, though come to think of it – breakfast? Cheese is an acceptable path, right?

I’d be in favor of these kinda of superlatives in adult settings, honestly. c. Feb ’21, hobbit house

I honestly recall a meeting at my old (life) work-center – the purpose of the actions discussed escapes my grasp but most certainly the meeting opened with this fairly stern warning – ‘This meeting is classified super super secret’ – and it seems I treated it as such! Not a single top/bottom front/back stamped document exists of this force decision gathering. Probably because our stamp set didn’t include ‘super’. Alas.

/12:02 – ‘Human Behaviour’ by Björk is an upbeat treatise on … something. Isn’t much of music such? “If I had a nickel every time I said ‘You’ve got that right, Björk'” sighs John.

So another sunny day – guess we’ll take a swing at prior-art clouds, eh?

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

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