don’t need your pity laughs woman … even in February

don’t need your pity laughs woman … even in February

if you fall down, look up

//10:54a + 28Feb2021 = Sunday morn || how much you are loved is sometimes correlated with the freshness of the royalty of SoCal//

You know the problem with us kids is we just don’t listen.

a dance rehearsal. dear friends & boo happy and excited, I’m taking pics out into the dark outside. all so very good. c. Jan ’11, durhamtown

was today a fab day to be out and about, playing in the yard with the kiddo? it was. Did he show some skillz at balance biking down the side yard? then some more on the pad out back? yup. it’s like we’re awakening from the winter slumber into the warmth of life and hope and joy.

been realizing that the little I did get out and about these w/child years – theater was a wonderful gift. missin’ it. c. Feb ’20, durhamtown

I saw a few posts commenting on the oh-so-near return to ‘normalcy’, with good news abounding, springtime hope blooming, and a general feeling of ‘yup, let’s get this over with now please thank you’ – oh the possibilities!! not sure how we’ll get to anywhere, or who we’ll see. Gotta have hope, right?

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