‘Why…? ’cause you, hon’ ~ living a reasonable life

‘Why…? ’cause you, hon’ ~ living a reasonable life

look to where they are

//07:59a+23Feb21 = Tuesday morn || Stinky & Dirty theme song, as you do//

/11:04a – ‘Downtown’ by Majical Cloudz, as John speaks of days rougher than expected, than wanted, and reads kudos from listeners who kinda nail it for us all – ‘from where I was at 9 to where I am now an hour later, the credit goes to keXp – thanks. needed that.’

Good soul John spun ‘Bad (live)’ from U2‘s Wide Awake In America album. Would’ve been my first U2 show, if only … all of this would be not what it is now. Also HoJo’s Things Can Only Get Better – so … yup. Music has power.

today is 23rd, this is from the 21st. 2 years ago. nice. c. Feb ’19, hobbit house

Faced with the enormity of the effort to find a centered balance how do I/we more along the path? Blood chatted about my most recent issue of losing my texts for the last year – how it’s the hard choice of remembering everything or nothing.

I’m pretty sure it stings for me extra from the ‘idea’ that I’m the tech guy, I gots the mad skillz yo! for handling all the digital crud that gets strewn along the way. I think I do have a decent handle on my process for the images I gather; do I look back and wince at the 600×458 images of the early ’00s and wonder – ‘uh, why so small? where the fuck are the source files?’ [hint – on property, beyond the back deck…] – it’s a doom-lical pursuit of just a little bit more hard drive space, then I’ll take more bigger photos, but I’ll need a slightly larger hard drive, and I’ll sort through the photos THIS time around as I move/copy re-create unorganized bins that Lightroom, bless its Adobe heart, deals with fairly superbly. Go me!

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