‘yeah, I wanna do right, but not right now’ sings Gillian, oddly in January

‘yeah, I wanna do right, but not right now’ sings Gillian, oddly in January

different times different view

//12:28p + 23Jan2021 = Saturday afternoon || “Look At Miss Ohio” from the wonderful Gillian Welch, on a random YTMusic playlist I’ve got out loud. Music really helps, doesn’t it?//

home, sunshine, music (king of California maybe?)… all good things. a burdensome weight isn’t on my chest, which is wonderbar! Only, now I see what these past years have cost me and I’m not particularly pleased. I’m reading an article on how we’ve been – essentially – NPCs in an ARG. Bees! and like may impressive experiences only a few can actually make the path thru worth the effort. say, making the game great again, or some such.

should have known we’d survive – this level of artistry needs to have an audience to keep the universe in balance. c. Jan ’17, durhamtown

huh – above or below? journal-y would be above… perhaps in a diff text? let’s try

//03:25pm + 24Jan2021 = Sunday afternoon || ‘the magic of the stars’ being discussed on Paw Patrol (while the weather outside is getting chilly, clouds which should bring us snow, perhaps, probably not)//

so I find myself having in depth ‘why did you do this?’ and ‘how are you feeling?’ chats with the kiddo. I then think ‘wow, really Scott? really?’

I’ve been pondering the focusing of this … blog? journal? does it even matter? to be a ‘hey, today I stumbled upon this cool story about how a game designer totally gets the whole batshit crazy conspiracy cult that is amongst us – let me explain…’ – his experience is with Aug Reality Games and such…’ – as much as it being a historical note that in January of 2021 I found someone’s thoughts on what’s happened to us – what do I get? what do you get?is there anything TOO get? Alas – le sigh.

tried my hand at artsy – reminds me of the times I used to trek about my town. c. Jan ’17, durhamtown

So we get thru January. More ‘True Facts!!’ are exposed about the horrendous leadership of these past 4 years. they – the leaders – face no repercussions, or mild at best. those whose lives they destroyed through their neglect? crushed -as ever. And I continue to wonder – why? what is it about all of us having good lives that is anathema to those with power and money?

//08:04a + 25Jan2021 = Monday morning || “Inner City Boundaries” by Freestyle Fellowship feat. Daddy-O spins on Early with Gabriel, on keXp – I noted ‘prob not an anti-Trump tune, so that’s a good step…’//

So how about that – color change to indicate ‘header’ I guess… guess I could just go with header, eh? Still unsure about the reading path… shouldn’t the click thru = the most recent babbling? then you can read down a few paragraphs and see how we got around to this blather? oh – just heard my inner voice remind me – none of this shit, none of this pondering, truly really matters. kinda like waiting 2 weeks to send a card… let’s add a video and move on, eh?

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