401,480 || 2,754 … and yet we begin again

401,480 || 2,754 … and yet we begin again

something beautiful for a magnificent day, yes?

we showed up – and repeated that for days, for what seemed like years. go us!

//01:15p – well damn. I didn’t realize how much it affected me. ‘Let Love Rule’ – it’s a great mandate, but not when you’re daily/hourly assaulted by insanity.

//03:38p – Black Pumas singing ‘Colors’ on Cheryl’s midday show, on keXp – yup

so a relief, a release, a resetting let’s hope. weren’t invaded and conquered (wolverines!) so perhaps the world at large is a wee bit more bearable than those who’ve fearfully looked upon the vastness and recoiled would have us believe.

seems a while since I’ve seen this as a symbol of hope. c. Nov ’16, durhamtown

It’s still this shock, somewhat joyful, and decidedly ‘well, here’s to a Wednesday. Nothing crazy happened. Good things to hopefully good people, then some work, then some celebrations – all kinda chill. nice’. And as soon as I can scrub the image of the razor wire on the fences around the capital well then we’ll make this memory a hallmark one!

the concerns I have, the fear that my presumptions are faulty; that I gave/give more credit than is due – that’s the stutter step of this particular dance, ain’t it? Will there be unity or terror filled isolation and festering… will we stop the madness of spinning towards every bright object and shrieking – instead having hope in the plans we have to keep things going, getting better along the way?

As MickeyMatt and I texted earlier – we did it for the kiddos.

the motivators throughout our lives might change, but I believe we collect a set that always works. c. Jan ’21, hobbit house

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//07:59a+20Jan21 = Wed morn, inauguration day 2021!!! || “Tolerate It” from Taylor Swift from DJ Abbie via keXp, because this will be the non-stop shade throwing party of the century//

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