Ten Months Down the Line, oddly in January

Ten Months Down the Line, oddly in January

here we go… again.

Ok – so here’s the truth – I like writing, I have pics to share, the vids make me happy. and I’m so out of my normally functioning ability to juggle a few things and have things get done. Ya know, quarantime life? So – hi. I miss you – hope you and yours are doing as well as you can, and that you have joy in you life.

be good to yourself.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//1:27a + 18Jan21 = late on a Sunday night || the echoes of an astonishing discourse on a post on the book of faces… kinda just ‘whoa’//

I type/write/compose. Often. getting the words down comes in drips and dabs – OneNote is my goto for daily journaling while at The Rectangles. Feel I’ve even gotten to the point of ‘contented’ with my organization of the collections of keystrokes, copy & pastes, the yearly attempt at handwriting/drawing that always lets me down (perhaps some day it will be remarkable) – and of course when I come to the ‘publications from Scott’s mind’ site I think – ‘ would it be better if I just focused all of it at one place? use WordPress app to collect…’ – and that project seems impossible. Huh – does OneNote have an easy peasy ‘from our proprietary file format to the world wide web – with just one click!’ feature? I shall investigate…

//07:58a – because beginning the begin is good//

//07:24a + 16Jan2021 = Saturday Morning || a stunning lack of cartoons, and a foreboding sense of doom – if it were the Legion I’d be ok with it. alas…//

what the fuck is going on in the universe, my friends?

no trees, no playhouses – DPAC lawn barren as holidays 2020 grind by. c. Dec 20, durhamtown

//9:45a + 13Jan2021 = Wednesday morn || good soul Gabriel spins tunes for the soul, with ‘Lean On Me’ as his bed – wow.//

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