Progress, slow as it may be, happens – oddly in November

Progress, slow as it may be, happens – oddly in November

many days without clouds, one with

I want to do this – I want to do more – I want to do serious and important things. I’d say I seem to have lost the dreams and goals from my youth but, not really. As the year heads into the dark slumber-time I am tired from a year of such chaotic oddness. Just like so many. But tomorrow I may be up, see the clouds drifting across the rising sun, getting me excited to see if I can find an angle to set up the camera to capture – hopefully for a moment of joy, to share – yet another day’s grand entrance, filled with artistic action.

that from this sweet burrito we wound up with the unstoppable cute machine, eh? c. Apr ’17, hobbit house

Here’s to the changing of the times, perhaps the answers blown into our lives during the windy days, eh?

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//11:31p+25November20= Wednesday night || echoes of the kiddo laughing from the joy of folding laundry with me//

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  1. Hello again, how lovely to see you! Also – wow! Clouds!

    You’re doing it… just right, just fine.

    Look at that wee one? Was that even real? ?

    Happy Thanksgiving, blood…I’m drifting off, like those clouds ??????????

    Carol W.

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