I Just May Have A Problem That You Understand, even in October

I Just May Have A Problem That You Understand, even in October

after moments of un-lightness some excellent uplift

watched the world via live stream on youtube last night this morn … kinda cool, kinda reminded me of how I used to watch and wonder about the lives of those who passed on by.

//08:48a – Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘Gun’ – eveyone’s got a pistol … nothing much has changed, eh? gah…

debate last night was … better? pizza and beer helped, but alas those people are not the best america has to offer and I think I’m now getting to the point where that’s the travesty – the answers for all of our success aren’t magical or unattainable – they’re just democratic, not capitalistic. How to make the conscious choice to leave a broken system? the fight will be long and painful and unsuccessful I predict – power and money does not self distribute… see IRS tax regs, eh?

a kindness in the crush of living. c. Oct ’20 Hobbit House

//8:16a + 23 Oct 20 = Friday or so they say… || ‘the world is a ghetto’ by war on keXp Early with Gabriel … though ‘change’ by blind melon should be at least noted here//

+++ +++ +++

blessed with discontent, anger, tears, foolishness – thanks Sis. Ruth Fox – I appreciate the love in your words.

//1:54p – “my sharona” on mid-day with Cheryl, while I looked for / found One way or another, this darkness got to give from blood and bob’s shirts

go for a stroll and live your life, find the sun and shadows and joy around y’all. c. Oct ’20, West Point on the Eno town

//02:06p – ‘Give A Little Bit” by supertramp … and fall 2001, holiday and broken souls. funny that – the power of song and lyric//

a day filled with grind is never fulfilling, but kindness of love and care helps a great deal. and pizza. and mindless yet intriguing YouTube vids (live views from city centers around the world, cab view of train runs thru mountains and snow – pretty chilling actually.

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//09:59a + 22Oct20 = Thursday is the New WTF Day is it again?? || ‘Lean On Me’ – I just may have a problem that you understand’ sings Bill Withers, from the 70s, on Early with GT on keXp//

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  1. “C’mon Dad!! Let’s go!!” ?

    Video: Oscar!! Love the amazing dynamic display – would you say the clouds are skybombing? Or cloud bombing the bluebird sky? At any rate: Delight!

    Which we must look for every day, it is often found in the smallest, quietest moments eh?

    You are amazing dear one… ?

    Carol W.

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