August 31st, again

August 31st, again

we have made such great strides

//10:03a – good soul John plays “Bad” from U2 … and I feel better because, well, oft I feel bad//

on the years fly by – what would I tell then me now? besides shave. c. Sep ’90, sunnyvale-town

the day starts, I’m not sure really what day it is, what I should perform for a ‘Monday’ anyways (did I ever?) and then the minutes and hours slip by – thankfully with kindness and good music a la good soul John (should figure out an abbreviation for “good soul” – wonder what the latin might be… ) – art of noise at the moment… the conceit that from the most angelic of melodies to the roughest of party anthems – all from the mouths and minds of souls just like you and me. Well, not ’90s me, but ya know…

//12:05p || “Fast Car” by Black Pumas – ’cause Tracy Chapman made something wonderful, and that inspires folks// (here’s your ‘wow – that’s really good’ track of the day from PacoScott’s K-E-X-Pieces)(really, why not ‘radio free durhamtown’?)

//12:50p – || “Just Breathe” from Pearl Jam on the Morning Show with bono animo (hmm… animis perhaps?) John. ’cause there’s ‘so much hurt in this world’ – but we’ll stay with you John. it’s what a community does // (oh, does John plays kind and loving words from Chadwick Boseman. damn.)

//12:29a || Comfortably Numb, by Pink Floyd. Wish You Were Here, by Pink Floyd. Colin Hay helps with Overkill by Men At Work. David Byrne helps out with Heroes by David Bowie. Choir! Choir! Choir! … and not only are these tears for the amazing performances of such amazing gifts … but of the loss of such humanity in gatherings of love. fuck covid-19//

Heroes – bono animus Sir David gave kindness and love, in such simple truths. why are we all wound and wrapped up in the complex lies of megalomaniacal delusions? If I cut you, will you not bleed? meet my kiddo – who said ‘how cute! how fluffy!’ about a butterfly in our yard today. look me in the eyes and tell me again what your net worth amounts to?

:: s ::
Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//9:19a+31Aug20 = Monday, again || “Cranes In the Sky” by Solange on Early with Gabriel Teodros on keXp while I attempt to stop a thoughtless argument. On FaceBook of all places!!//

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