August 27th, again

August 27th, again

of green breath, fluffy sprites, and a spark before dark

and so we head furiously into the end of august – how on earth did we get here? Kiddo’s ‘week 2’ of classes – yay Boo, Teacher of Awesome! Of course he gets cuter and more amazing by the day and that really should be my focus. Alas, I have the internet.

I tried to be ‘bold’ and head out into the sunlight to do my afternoon work shift – that wasn’t the best move. thankfully I’ve recovered and am now joyfully tuning into keXp for “Roll On Down the Highway” by BTO – Bachman Turner Overdrive!!! It’s Greg Vandy’s annual ‘back to school’ special with this year being the hits of the 70s…

a friend and I had a good time. here’s some lovely greenery from his first set of roots. c. Sep ’00, Maryville-town

It’s pretty good tuneage – funny how the tunes of our youth stick really hard. but if I spin ‘March March’ by the Chicks from three weeks ago well, it’s just as awesome. Probably has a lot to do with repetition and the depth of the roots, eh?

brings the joy. c. Aug ’20

Alright, I could stick loads of pics in this post but alas I should plot and plan tomorrow.

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//8:36a+27Aug20 = Thursday, pretty sure. yup – gotta be thursday || the whirrrr of the laptop fan as I cast deep into the past to right some wrong(way up photo)s//

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