August Twenty-fifth, again

August Twenty-fifth, again

some days are quick and easy

a photo. some words. a link to a video. it counts, right? never sure what does now a days. I was asked if I enjoy it – the videos, the posting. I think I do – tends to be more enjoyable once I can click play and see the clouds fly by. what do you find enjoyable?

a classy Buick convertible seems like a fine enough choice. c. May ’05, Lexhaus town

I do certainly enjoy strolling to the stream banks of Recollection River, throwing out my file explorer and seeing where it lands – oh, multiples of 5 for this year so… august … 2005 – what was that like? Oh wow – that’s right – pretty sure first visit to durhamtown. I think. Maybe. the mind, it’s as muddied as the Oriskany Creek behind MickeyMatt’s when Sammie has made a run for it and decided better and has scrambled up and out of the current once more. If need be I can re-cast and see if 2004 was the first time I was back to durhamtown, though I recall a run to Raleightown with a MickeyMatt cousin(s)… sigh. the lives we’ve lived, am I right?

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Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//12:52p+25Aug20= Tuesday, the 7th best day of the week || the groggy inner me lambast myself for a nap that lasted too long, into a day that doesn’t make much sense right now//

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