August 24th, again

August 24th, again

perhaps the view a rose enjoys

ah mondays. because you need to know – life is pain. at least the kiddo is really really cute! at least in pursuit of fixing broken parts it’s noted that some parts are not needed to still be functional (door gate to keep kiddo away from danger, but applicable in many places, eh?) – probably something good to know.

and with a subtle reminder, a nudge I take a visit to a pond of refreshing cool water, the sun and clouds reflected in the gentle ripples across the surface of the water. If I listen I can hear the joy of birdsong, the power of the wind through the branches, and the beat of my own heart. today good soul Mark pointed out we can feel the warmth of the sun even with our eyes closed. what to focus on, or probably more important to living a quality life – what to stop focusing on. If only we had the courage of Pooh to just be; alas, we are not trained or rewarded for such bravery.

where they knew my name… c. Aug ’05, durhamtown of olde

a quick video, an oddly swift yet blank day, the kiddo is always a treat. hope your day treated you well enough.

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