August 16th, again

August 16th, again

an oddly unsunny sunday

what a somewhat odd day – all the gray and rain, up until about 6 or so, then pretty clouds and I being out and about in it (Big Girl and the Teeter – life has things that need to get done!) – upshot was I was driving about under the pretty pretty sky. moderate downside is my morning capture of the clouds was… boring, frankly.

an outing with the kid, pretty fall flowers. c. Aug ’19, durhamtown

//”Red Hill Town” – U2 – The Joshua Tree – played by good soul John on keXp//

I’m catching up on my missed-out on keXp The Morning Show – and am listening to John and Morgan lose their minds during the one day fund drive. feels good to hear the chaos and joy.

Respice ad diem hanc“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome”

//9:29p+16Aug2020= Sunday eve || keXp morning show from the 7th of august – John joins Gabriel as they try to raise money money money//

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